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Our journey…

SROTOSHWINI TRUST has been active since 2013 in the field of spreading education amongst underprivileged children. The thought of CHURNI came as a concern of how to make the parents of those children engaged and involved, specially the mothers. So we approached them and tried to find out more about their skills. Stitching is one skill we found which they could be trained in and eventually excel in over time.

Women started making curtain, cushion covers and bags. Then the thought came that only stitching of curtains, cushion covers or bags will not satisfy their interest and need. They must get some economical benefits. So we started approaching various people to get the opportunity of exhibiting and selling the products made by them. Many raised their hands and we got opportunities to exhibit the products. We set up our exhibition at corporates like TCS, Nelson under their CSR scheme.Then we approached to Centre Square Mall authorities to provide us a place where we can put up our stalls and attract crowds. From then we started this venture under the name Churni in 2015.. We also got opportunities to put up our stalls in IOC, ONGC, NEXA and got good responses.

After hosting exhibitions in various localities of the city and selling our products by the word of mouth, Churni became self sustaining in a mere two years; the trust doesn’t have to support this initiative, Churni has been able to establish it’s own store to display and sell it’s products at Sama, Vadodara in 2018 with the support of a well-wisher. We distribute all our sale proceeds after deducting the production cost among our ladies. We have been working with two units of ladies, in Sanjay Nagar and Jetalpur.

In 2019, we have collaborated with THERMAX and signed an MoU to scale our Churni initiative. We have started a third unit in Lasundra to vocationally train the ladies and mothers there. Our Pathshala initiative will work with their children once we move into our new hostel at Lasundra.

We have a current strength of 29 ladies working under Churni’s banner. On an average they earn three thousand rupees per month. We are trying hard to get them to earn more to live a comparatively better life.This is the voyage of Churni with an aim to hold the hands of the underprivileged section and strengthen their economical status and provide the exposure for them to inculcate. When families are empowered, the parents understand the value of education and participate actively in their children’s education and future.

Our team of Churni ladies are divided into 3 units –

Jetalpur Unit: 10 ladies

  1. Kali
  2. Geeta
  3. Geeta (Patel)
  4. Kamala
  5. Sumitra
  6. Maneesha
  7. Guddi
  8. Sufiya
  9. Husana
  10. Anjali

Sanjay Nagar Unit: 9 ladies

  1. Suman
  2. Gauri
  3. Punam
  4. Nitu
  5. Neha
  6. Pinki
  7. Promila
  8. Sudha
  9. Jayashree

Lasundra Unit: 10 ladies

  1. Zarina
  2. Meena
  3. Salma
  4. Rahima
  5. Shamim
  6. Hafiza
  7. Sayista
  8. Rukhsana
  9. Rashida
  10. Kalpana

Meet Our Team

Our core team of staff and volunteers
    Churni Incharge

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    General Secretary Trust / Volunteer

    President, Srotoshwini Trust

    President, Trust / Volunteer

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    Store Incharge
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